UK fundraiser helps save a life

Appco Group UK is extremely proud of the professional fundraisers and representatives (Independent Commission Agents in New Zealand) in its network. Every day, they represent both non-profit and for-profit organisations and make people aware of the work these companies and groups do for the community.

A grateful donor in the UK has taken the time to contact one of the Group's charity partners to tell his story: after a conversation he had over the festive break with Daniel Knox Hooke, a professional fundraiser contracted through the Appco UK network, Daniel left him with a first-aid information leaflet.

The next day, the donor's son was knocked unconscious and stopped breathing. Having read through the leaflet left by Daniel, he was thankfully able to resuscitate his son.

Stories like this are a reminder that fundraisers like Daniel not only make a difference for the charities they represent but also for the many people they speak with every day - not only in the UK but in New Zealand and dozens of other countries around the world alike.

See the Appco Group UK website to read more on this story.

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